Thursday, August 13, 2009

Disclosure and A New Challenge!

I realized that in my last post listing any expenditures for the week, I forgot to mention that while I was at Superstore and Costco buying groceries, we also ordered Noah's a hefty $120 went there, however I hope to get some of that back from Keith's benefit plan, and I also categorize that as a school expense since he can see just fine without the glasses for most things - but they do help when he's reading the board at school. We sprung an extra $20 on the frames and got the bendy wire frames since we've gone through 2 pairs already, and because they no longer carry his previous frames.
Buy Nothing challenge is going along famously this week - no expenditures so far, and I do plan to grocery shop sometime on Saturday or Sunday for a few things.

OK, on to the new challenge for September - I am extremely excited about this - in fact, I almost can't wait for September to start! I'm doing a grocery challenge, coupled with a giving challenge - so here's the deal: my grocery budget is $500/month. This includes all our meals, diapers, toiletries etc, plus lunches and snacks for my daycare. I am going to slash my grocery budget, shop with cash (because I think it will help me be more mindful of spending), shop my pantry and bake more and whatever I save, I will donate to the hungry - I haven't decided where yet - there are hungry people all over so there are many many options. I love this idea because it's so easy for me to throw some money at a "cause" but combining it with my own grocery budget and feeding my own family should hit me where it hurts a little more and help me be more mindful of our own excess.
Anyone want to join me?



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