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Buy Nothing week one update

Buy Nothing Challenge - August 2008

Well, We are through week one of the buy nothing challenge and I think I am doing well so far. One of the interesting things about doing this challenge is that I am way more conscious about my spending - not necessarily in a good way as instead of thinking to myself "no, I don't need that" I think "no, I can't have that because I'm on the buy nothing challenge."

So, how did I do? Well, let me tell you about my week. Wednesday I went to Rainbow stage's production of Beauty and the Beast, this was planned with Keith's mom as a Grandma, daughter, granddaughter event along with some of Keith's aunts and cousins. Keith and Noah ended up coming along with us because my sister in law bought us two tickets for the same night as a gift. The production was well done and we had a good time. Cost: free.
Saturday I went grocery shopping and because my kids were sleeping over at Keith's parents place (first time for William - he had a great time but is EXHAUSTED!) I bought some steaks for our dinner that would normally be out of our budget. Grocery purchases are allowed for the buy nothing challenge, but this was a splurge. Of course, had we gone out for dinner, we would have paid around $70 for a similar meal, cooking at home cost us aprox. $15.
Since the kids were gone, we wanted to go out to a movie, and redeemed our SCENE points for movie tickets. We saw Julie and Julia, which I really enjoyed (except the previews which were trash) Cost: free We did forgo popcorn /drinks at the theater as we didn't have enough SCENE points to cover that. Went home for ice cream.
So, we had a great week, we ended up doing a lot of activity that we normally wouldn't do, but didn't spend money. I do feel a bit like it was cheating since we did consume a lot activity-wise, but there was no cost and I declare the first week a success!

This coming week, we are doing Summer Adventure Camp at our church. I don't anticipate a lot of spending as our mornings will be at the church, then home for lunch and send Keith off to work from 1-9, but I'll check in next week to let you know how I did.


Rana and Yvan 8:27 AM  

OH I love this idea and really want to do one of know it will have to much fun baby stuff to by :)

Lee 11:35 AM  

Rana - I would be shopping too if I were you - now that you know who you're shopping for you can picture him in all those little outfits!
We just walked through Old Navy the other day, looked at baby clothes and wondered if we would be buying blue or pink....thought of you and your little spree and it made me smile!


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