Thursday, April 16, 2009

Our most recent family picture...right after this William poked Noah in the eye. I would love to do this once a month (the picture, not the poke in the eye) - maybe my kids would get used to it and maybe even smile :)
Wishful thinking....


Mark 8:24 AM  

Nice pic! Also, let me say that I was completely shocked when you posted. And then when you posted again in less then 24 hours I was even more blown away. Way to go!

Jobina 9:51 AM  

If I took a family picture once a month I think my family might retaliate! Amazing that you can still get such a good pic after the physical assault on Noah by William!

Lee 11:49 AM  

there are many more shocking things to come Mark... :)

J - we actually caught the swing (but not the actual poke) on film. And then the aftermath...maybe I should post the outtakes....they are probably more entertaining and true to form! :)

Tara 5:03 PM  

SO glad to meet you....thanks so much for commenting on my blog. I`ve bookmarked your blog and can`t wait to follow your process! Best of luck with your process.

Oh and by the way, your family is absolutely ADORABLE!!!


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