Wednesday, April 15, 2009's been awhile

Keith's mom took the kids to Monsters vs. Aliens on spring break and they came back with these very stylin' 3D glasses. Quite fabulous and also much nicer than the flimsy paper ones we have at home. I should try and remember to stash these away.
The movie was declared very funny, and awesome, but the kids are not permitted to give any specifics as Keith and I haven't seen it yet!


Deborah 12:45 PM  

Hi Lee! Nice to see a post on here! LOL
Our kids haven't seen the movie yet, we always wait and watch it on dvd.

Jobina 9:55 PM  

I'm so shocked to see a post on here that it actually took me 6 hours to write a comment! Welcome back!

Lee 11:47 AM  

Deb - we usually wait for the video too - our Shell station rents for around $1 which is more in the budget than a $50 trip to the theatre! :)

Jobina - Thanks for the welcome, it's good to be back! :)


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