Friday, April 17, 2009

the skinny on fostering.

So, back in June (scroll down for an update...don't scroll too far - it's been awhile!) we finished up our orientation sessions for fostering.

In October we attended the attachment seminar - I have been to a couple attachment seminars but this one was particularly good. I would love to attend again after we have had a couple placements and a bit of perspective. We filled out our paperwork and made dr. apts to verify our health and sanity (!) and FINALLY, whew, handed in our applications on the last day of spring break (that was Apr. 3)

Now, since this is a government run program, we wait.

A few things have to be done like police checks, child abuse reg. checks and reference checks (if you're reading this and you're one of our references - please please fill in your form right away when you get it! And I wouldn't mind knowing when you get it so I have an idea of our progress! oh - and thank you for being our reference - we think you're grand!)

Once all the information is gathered, there will be a homestudy. The 'rush' for this is based on need. We are applying to care for emergency and short term care infants/toddlers. According to the social worker we talked to, the greatest need is for teens, therefore those apps will be processed first. Second in line is infants, so we would likely be processed next. She estimated about 4 months before the homestudy, at which time we will either be approved, or not. If we are approved, we will then receive a liscense to foster, and eventually a child placement.

There is a chance that we won't be approved because I run a home daycare. One of the social workers I spoke to mentioned that some social workers might see that as a conflict of interest, while others wouldn't find it a problem. This is one of those areas where we leave it up to God - if this is where He wants us, then He will work out the details!

"Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me." Mark 9:37


Deborah 1:33 PM  

The only reason I can see having a home daycare being a problem is numbers. We can only have three children under five and/or two children under two in our home, maximum of seven kids total,including our own kids. Since your day care kids go home at night, I'm not sure whether they are counted.
We have our three boys, 13,9, & 7, and two foster children, 2+ and an
infant...and we are 'on emergency' for 2 more.
we also had another infant up until February.

Lee 2:47 PM  

Thanks for the numbers Deborah - that helps a lot.
So, I have 3 of my own kids - age 11, 7 and 2. and we are hoping for a license to foster one child at a time.

Then with my daycare I have usually 2-3 kids here each day. (plus my own 2 year old) They are all toddlers, by next fall, they will be mostly 2 and 3 year olds and one 1 y/o.

The way one of the social workers explained it, the homestudy sw may or may not choose to include my daycare kids in that 3 under 5 number. If they do, we won't be able to foster - she made it sound like it is their own discretion. I didn't have the actual numbers though until you posted.
Interesting...the other social worker we talked to didn't bat an eye when I told her I have a home daycare...

I will wait and see what happens at our homestudy, it's out of my hands and at this point, it's not an option to stop doing daycare.

Jobina 8:50 PM  

And just remember that you have a VERY willing respite worker waiting in the wings!
I sure hope they still allow you to Foster...that would be one loved kid for the time they are there!


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