Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fostering update...or non update as the case may be...

This week I contacted our social worker to see if they had sent out the reference letters yet. Normally I would just let things happen but one of our references is in the middle of a pretty big move and I want to give them a heads up when they can expect the letter.
Can you guess the status?.....................drumroll.......they haven't sent the letters yet.

I assume they are completing our police checks first and are waiting for results before proceeding but it makes me think that getting our homestudy completed this summer is not so likely.

So, we'll wait!


Hope 7:18 PM  

Ah yes... the wait. It is painfully long. Here's hoping you get approved quickly and without a hitch!

Aliene 11:28 AM  

Sometimes , time passes so slow when you are anticipating something. Hope everything works out for you. i saw you on Deb's blog.

Jenny 12:37 PM  

Hi Lee,
Thanks for your comment on my blog! It looks like you have some exciting things going on in your life too!!! God is so good! Keep in touch!

Love, Jenny


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