Saturday, March 08, 2008


Oopps. I am back after an unplanned blogging hiatus. I keep meaning to blog, and write the blogs in my head but haven't gotten them posted! J You probably didn't miss much – I'm much more eloquent in my head than in writing anyway. I also haven't downloaded my pic's in a couple weeks so there's a lack of quick material for posts!

So, things that are happening here. Well, William is crawling a mile a minute now and getting into all sorts of stuff. As is typical, he is not that interested in toys and far more interested in pulling down stuff off our desk, tv cabinet, unplugging things, etc. He is a bit busier than our other two were at this age! (read: A LOT!)

Dora is currently with my in-laws who took her overnight to celebrate her birthday (which was last month, but around here birthday celebrations just go on and on….that or we are procrastinators!) Keith's mom picked her up at lunchtime yesterday and the rough plan was to head to Cora's for lunch, get manicures, and fill out the day from there. They are meeting us at Pan Am for her swimming class at 3:30 so we will see what else they got up to! Dora was SO excited and I'm sure they had a great time. (I LOVE that they do one on one stuff with the kids for their birthdays.)

Keith is at Promise Keepers this weekend so he was gone last night as well as all day today. He thoughtfully slept in Dora's room last night since he got in late and was getting up early so he wouldn't wake me and Will. William had a fantastic sleep – he does much better when he goes to sleep between 6:30 and 7 but it just does not fit into our schedule at all and I can't seem to make it work (that's our suppertime!) Last night Noah and I had McDonald's and watched "Meet the Robinsons" so he nursed to sleep on the couch and slept there on me until 8 when I transferred him to his crib. Unfortunately he wasn't in a night diaper so even though he slept, I kept waking up thinking just how wet he must be! Finally at 5 I decided to get up and change him when he woke and miraculously we both got back to sleep again after that.

Keith was nice enough to grind the coffee beans and get the machine all set up for me this morning so all I had to do was press start. A nice surprise!

We had a very lazy morning and are about to head out to Noah's gymnastics in about 10 minutes.

I have not been posting menu's the last few weeks, which means I've not been making menus and guess what – things are a lot more chaotic around supper time. You'd think I would learn my lesson….I suppose I could recycle the menu's I already have but that feels boring to me. Perhaps boring is better than stressful though.

I'm off to pack the diaper bag and head out in the snow!

Happy Saturday everyone!




Jobina 10:54 AM  

I was faithfully checking everyday to see what you were up to! I even did a plug for your aprons on my blog, which my sister would like to buy BTW! Trinity insists on wearing one daily and "helping" me in the kitchen. I am very slowly learning patience and have actually made it through her "helping" a few times now without throwing my hands in the air and giving up.
Welcome back from your hiatus!

Lynne 7:11 PM  

Ron was at Promise Keepers too on the weekend. He was on the Security Team.


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