Sunday, March 09, 2008

Hug It Out

It's just in the last year or so that our older two kids have started to pick on each other for entertainment and while I know it's fairly normal, it's irritating for everyone – and tiring for Keith and me to either listen to them bicker or get after them to leave each other alone. The other day they were going at it at the dinner table and Keith came up with a new solution which went something like this:

K: that's enough you two. You need to respect each other ….blah blah (insert parental talk here)….now, I want you to give each other a hug until you feel better.

N: groan

D: ok.

They reluctantly hug. Dora is smiling. Noah is not smiling.

K: Do you both feel better?


N: No.

K: ok, Noah, it sounds like you need another hug. Go hug your sister again.

Another very reluctant hug. Dora is smiling. Noah is not smiling.

K: Now, Noah – Do you feel better?

N: (sullenly) yes.

Guess what - There was no more picking on each other that night.


Jobina 7:42 PM  

ha ha, I love it!


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