Monday, February 11, 2008

party favors!

So these are the party favors I have been working on for Dora's little friends. They are double sided aprons, and we are going to either give out a cookie-in-a-jar recipe or a cookie cutter and some sprinkles to go with it. Hopefully that won't amount to to much clutter going home with the little ones. I think these are so cute and I love how they are turning out.
I still have a few more to topstitch (I cut more than I need) so my little daycare friends may get these for Valentines day too!)

Dora's party is a cooking theme - we are going to have pizza (I would let them make pizza but it takes too long to cook individual pizzas so they wouldn't all be able to eat together). They are going to decorate cupcakes, and have some free time to play groovy girls, and polly pockets or whatever they want. I'd like to find some cooking theme games to play too - any ideas?
We are going to keep things short, simple and easy as I think birthday parties have a tendancy to be super pricey and over the top.


Colleen Salter 2:54 PM  

Happy birthday Dora!! time does go by quick and great idea for the birthday party. Those girls are going to have fun and what nice aprons!!

Jobina 1:05 PM  

Do you have a pattern for those aprons? I love them!!! How about the old egg on a spoon race? Or put different foods into shoeboxes with a hole for a hand to fit through. the kids have to reach in and feel the food, then guess what it is. or, have a tray with 10 different foods on it. Cover the tray, bring it in the room and show the kids the items for 10 seconds. Cover the tray back up and have them guess the items on the tray! Or, make jewelery out of fruit loops, cheerios, round gummies or what ever else fits on a string. Or, fill a jar with candy, gum, cereal, what ever and have them try to guess how many are in the jar. (You could make this easier by using a small jar and using bigger items, like animal crackers or fruit snacks or something. Winner takes all). Or, play hot potato. Should I keep going? :o)

Lee 2:09 PM  

WOW - Jobina - you are a gold mine! I'm totally using those ideas! Thanks!

I traced one of Dora's aprons to make a pattern - I have some extra aprons tho if you're interested...

Mark 11:09 PM  

Lee, Trinity loves her apron, thanks for thinking of our kids. Also, I miss the updates to your blog. I check it everyday . . . and nothing! Just thought I'd let you know you're blogging is missed . . .


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