Sunday, February 10, 2008

Birthday Girl

Here's the birthday girl, blowing out the candles on her blueberry muffins! This year we are doing birthday activities instead of gifts and Dora chose to take the family to lunch at the Two a Tea teahouse on Corydon. When the 5 of us walked in on Saturday they initially said no, they didn't have room for us (I think we scared them, walking in with 3 kids!) But they reluctantly gave us a table, mentioning that they had a reservation for 1:00 that would need the table. No problem, I said, we need to be gone by 1 anyway. A few minutes later the waitress came back and mentioned that there was no rush after all...they could open up the upstairs tables and we could take our time. :) We had a very nice tea/lunch and our kids are very well behaved in restaurants - I think the staff were pleasantly surprised!
Tuesday night, Dora and I are going to Brushfire so she can paint some pottery (most likely a plate) and that will complete her family celebrations. She's also going to have some friends over on the 23 for a cooking party!
I can't believe my baby girl is 6! It's so cliche - but the time really does fly by.


Jobina 12:02 PM  

Happy Birthday Dora! I love the choices you made for your celebrations! I hope we get to see some pictures of your pottery when it's done!


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