Saturday, January 05, 2008

Menu for the week

Just for kicks, I'm going to post the next week's menu. I make a 5 day menu and try to have enough leftovers for Keith's lunch the next day. (and if we're really lucky, lunch for the rest of us too if it's daycare/school friendly)

Day 1:

Chicken and rice soup (must be winter – soup is sounding really good! This is a new recipe.)

Potato buns (from Harvest bakery – these are really good! Failing that, I'll make biscuits)

Day 2:

Roast Pepper Salad (another new recipe – but how can you go wrong with roasted peppers)

Marinated Chicken breasts (easy peasy since the peppers will take most of naptime to roast/peel)


Day 3:

Tuna Pita melts (easy again – January is a really busy month for me with a new daycare baby starting)

Broccoli Salad (I love this salad but have never made it myself – so I guess we can call this new)

Day 4:

Sloppy Joes (old faithful)

Potato Buns (again, harvest bakery)

Day 5:

Rice and Beans (my dad's recipe – I haven't made this in ages and it is really good – and also cheap!)


Yes, I know there are actually 2 more days in the week…I generally find that there are enough leftovers for at least one extra supper and often something comes up during the week that changes our plans and we end up throwing in a quickie dinner (ex: Chicken fingers and fries on Sundays – last year Keith and I realized that it is much cheaper/better to buy a couple frozen entrees that are easy to pop in the oven with no prep, rather than going the fast food route – so that is what I'm going to try and do – we get in and out of this habit periodically.)

I am hoping that with these easy recipes, I'll get dinners done – I'm a little nervous about January – I've got a really full work schedule this month with one daycare baby starting full time and a couple of my part timers requiring extra care on days they don't usually attend. I may be in hibernation most evenings/weekends this month to recuperate! February should be a little more manageable – at least it looks that way on paper! One day at a time….


Jobina 5:24 PM  

That sounds sooo good! I always like to hear what other people make for suppers. Sometimes I think I plan things that are way too complicated when I should just go for simple and tasty! Thanks for the reminder re:the brocolli salad, it's a winner!

Lee 7:01 PM  

Thanks Jobina! I am making an effort to do some simpler suppers - I have a tendency to make more complicated recipes (which we love) but require a fair amount of prep and attention and can also tend to be a little pricey.


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