Monday, March 26, 2007


Well I didn't mean to take a couple weeks hiatus! So what is new around the Howe's household you may ask?
Things are progressing well - I have had a ton of energy the past couple weeks so I painted both kids rooms, set up the crib and fixed up my grandpa's old bookshelf for Noah's room. We decided that since Noah has the bigger room, and is the heavier sleeper, that he will be sharing his room with the baby. He is SO sure that he will sleep right through the night time wakings...we'll see! We may keep the little one in our room for the first month or so or maybe even until school's out so it doesn't affect Noah so much.
I've just started to hit the tired stage after having so much energy and don't feel like doing much of anything! Luckily I have only three weeks left of daycare so the countdown is on - I am looking forward to some nice afternoon naps once I'm not responsible for other people's kids!
Yesterday someone made a comment and called me fat. Interesting that people think it is appropriate to comment on other people's weight when pregnant - like it makes it acceptable. However this person seems to think he is funny and actually I'm surprised that he made it this far without shooting his mouth off - he certainly didn't wait this long when I was expecting my other two. For the record, tho I'm sure none of my readers would be so tactless - unless you're telling me how great I look then you can keep your comments to yourself!
So three weeks ago I sprained or broke my toe - luckily it co-incided with my energy burst so, tho painful, it hasn't slowed me down too much! I did read that it will take aprox. 10 weeks to heal - I can get around on it pretty well as long as I wear my crocs. I do feel it if I over do it walking. And crocs are not the best spring shoes since they have so many holes!
We are heading to Brandon for the fair - it has become our spring break tradition and the kids are really looking forward to it. If you live close by and haven't been, it is worth checking out. Both Keith and I went as kids and had a great time - his dad was part of the trade show and we entered our rabbits and chickens in the show (which was much bigger at the time). We would stay most of the week and had the run of the place - which I think is funny now because I never let my kids out of my site when we are there - but it was a different time I guess!
Pictures will follow soon....But first I need to get one more coat of paint on Noah's end table. Did I mention that I'm starting to run out of steam...!
It's absolutely gorgeous outside too - it's still the ugly messy stage of spring but the sun is shining and the temperature is rising - and if my shoes didn't have holes in them I might even go for a walk!



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