Thursday, January 04, 2007

I feel like I've had a bit of a growth spurt - hopefully it's not due to all the Christmas goodies! (Jobina - I photoshopped out the toilet in the background - just for you :) ) Posted by Picasa


Jobina 12:14 PM  

Awesome belly pic! You really wear pregnancy well! And look, no toilet!

eipwek 11:28 AM  

Cute baby belly!!!! It's funny, every time I take a pic of myself in the bathroom, I go to all the trouble of windex-ing the mirror, wiping off the sink faucet, and moving all of my make-up and other clutter. I really should just use photoshop instead :) .....although that has gotten to be the only time I ever clean the mirror or put my make-up away in its proper place, so maybe I'd better keep it up.

My husband also made a comment about wallpaper border not being permanent and is, therefore, a bad idea. So true. I don't want to be up on a chair scraping and steaming all that junk off in 7 years when my little munchkin decides he/she is too mature for circus elephants dancing in a parade! :)

Lynne 8:43 AM  

Congratulations girl! How is it going for you? I thought you had brown hair. I guess I've never officially met you so you just look different from your picture of you and your husband on the right.

Hey, if I send you some pictures, could you make a collage for me. I'd like it to be for my baby Alyssa.


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