Monday, December 18, 2006

Saturday's blog....which I haven't been able to post....

Well it's that time of year...when every space on the calendar is filled! It's been a busy week but fun!

This past tuesday I met with my midwife again, I think I'm going to like her. I'm feeling great and enjoying the 2nd trimester honeymoon stage where every little kick from the baby is a special little treat just for me. :) Somehow this little one knows when anyone else is around and if Keith or one of the kids has a hand on my belly, he goes into stealth mode! (oh - and I say he generic-ly - we don't know if we're having a boy or a girl - I do love the surprise!)

Tuesday night Jen and I went shopping and it was such a relief to feel like I'm getting something done! I'm usually finished my shopping in October but just haven't been in the mood this year! We spent a few hours at superstore and walmart and I only have a couple of things left to buy.

Wednesday, Keith and I went to the managers dinner for Sunwest - it was a "chef's Table" and it was amazing - if you ever get the opportunity to do this - go for it! It originated when royalty would take their meals in the kitchen to keep their eye on the chef and make sure they weren't being poisoned! We sat at a large round table in the kitchen and chef Klaus explained each course before he prepared it - we got to try a lot of things we would never have ordered! There were 10 courses - very tiny portions but by the end we were absolutely stuffed and had eaten about 2 lbs of food (well - if you ate everything) We got to try quail, fois gras, rabbit, angus, black skinned fish (forget the right name of that), pork, and that was just the meat - there was also a green pea soup (amazing) and a really good tomato salad. And two dessert courses - with an assortment of treats in each course. There were a few things that I couldn't eat - the caviar - I wasn't sure if it was safe while pregnant - why chance it.... and of course the wine - but I don't like wine so no big loss there.

Thursday was the kids Winter concert at school - they did the polar express - it was incredible and the first concert that I would actually watch again (let's be honest - usually the only good part is when your own kid is on stage) but this whole production was so well done that I really enjoyed the whole thing!
Keith ended up having to fly out to Bismark last minute on thursday evening but made it back by suppertime on Friday - we weren't expecting him until after midnight so it was a real treat to have our regular family night as usual. He did end up missing his piano recital due to the trip tho.

This morning, the kids had rehearsal for the Sunday school christmas concert. A few weeks ago Dora let me know that she was not going to say her line (each of the 4 year olds has 1 line in a poem) - well Dora hates to be the center of attention and I had a feeling it was not going to go well. I did give our children's pastor the heads up to maybe have a back up plan. This morning before we left for rehearsal, Dora was hiding in the closet and she was pretty choked with me when I suggested that we take along her props (hat mitts and scarf) just in case. Well she did stand on the stage. But that is about all she did - good enough for me - I'm happy she just got up there. She doesn't know it but I would have let her bail if she really needed to - I don't want it to be a miserable experience. Noah did great - he has outgrown his stagefright for the most part and has a fantastic memory - I think he may have even enjoyed himself.
Hopefully the concert goes well tomorrow - whatever happens - all the kids are adorable - it will be memorable either way.

This afternoon we went to MTYP and saw Seussical the Musical. Now this is just the best thing since Frog and Toad a couple years ago - So well done and entertaining - if you can still get tickets - GO!!!! It was fantastic. Keith, happily, got to come with us - he has been listening to us sing the praises of Frog and Toad for the past 2 years and was heartily sick of being left out! When we heard MTYP was doing another musical we had to buy an extra ticket for him! (the rest of us have season passes) Again - GO! I wish I could go again!

That's all - if you made it this far - congratulations - go have a Christmas cookie. But not at my house - we've been too busy for baking.



Jobina 11:14 AM  

oh man, I just gave all my cookies away! Way to go Dora for facing your fears and getting up on stage! Way to go! We are now out of after eights and had to buy a new box. One more Christmas program to box should do it, right?
Have a great Christmas!!


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