Thursday, January 18, 2007

Third Trimester!!

Time is flying! Today I officially start the third trimester! There's been moments the last couple of weeks that I've started feeling very uncomfortable - sciatica flaring up and restless legs keeping me up at night but for the most part I'm feeling pretty good! I started some Cal/Mag supplements for the restless legs and my new prenatal yoga dvd just arrived yesterday - I've been doing my regular yoga tape when I needed to stretch out my back and hips but have had to really modify it - and the other day I tried to do the back work and got stuck on the floor for awhile when my sciatica flared up! LOL - glad I closed the curtains before I started or it would have been quite the entertainment for the neighbors!
This morning I was at the kid's school, decorating for their sock hop this afternoon and shocked quite a few people who hadn't realized there was a baby underneath the giant parka I've been sporting in the hallways. Noah is quite excited about the sock hop - we got a note home, stating that they were holding one as a fundraiser - but not what the funds were for - so when Keith and I were chatting about it, it came up that we didn't know what the proceeds were going towards - Noah informed us that it was a FUN Raiser and that was all we needed to know. You know, to raise the Fun at school. Excellent! I hope he has a great time dancing and doesn't get self conscious...
I'm off to get in some excercise while the little ones are having quiet time.


Tannis 11:16 AM  

You look incredible Lee!

Colleen Salter 11:22 AM  

You look great!! We are very excited to welcome the new edition to the Howe family!!

tracey 2:12 PM  

Wow. How cool. What a photographer extraordinare you are!
You look awesome, BTW.

skonn 9:22 PM  

Congratulations!! I am so excited for you guys to be expecting number three. Love the pictures of you - great idea to post those. Hope this next while goes well for you - we will be thinking about you. Hi to the fam from all of us.



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