Friday, January 07, 2005

Spa Day

Yesterday I went to the spa. Let me tell you all about it. My appointment was for 8:45am...just the right way to start the day. Keith took the morning off to get Noah to school and hang out with Dora, so I was all on my own.
When I got there, I was shown to a room with soothing blue walls and quiet music playing. There was a large comfy chair where I could relax and a friendly chatty young woman was there to guide me though my "spa experience." As I sank into the chair the serenity of the place just enveloped me and I couldn't help thinking that it was so nice to finally be alone; with no little voices asking for snacks or milk or entertainment just as I'd gotten comfortable. It was absolutely wonderful.
In fact, I have to say it was the best visit to the dentist I have ever had! Oh, wait...did I forget to mention that I was at the dentist? I'd gone in for my semi-annual cleaning. And by semi-annual I mean for the first time in 12 years. I have had a bit of a dentist phobia in the past. In fact, since I got my braces off in high school I have only gone if I am in severe pain and have no other option. However, last fall when I finally bit the bullet and had my cavities filled, I thought it was time to grow up a little and face my fears. So there I lay, in the dentist chair....actually enjoying myself!
I know....I need to get out more.
But if you're looking for a great dental hygenist...I can give you Jocelyn's number :)



Anonymous 1:33 PM  

I don't post too often (actually it's my first)
but you have to tell your husband to take you out more often, you seriously need it !!!!

Darlene 3:47 PM  

I can totally relate! Two weeks ago I went to the same type of spa. They gave me a channel changer, so even when the dentist was working on my teeth, I was changing channels and enjoying my time off. You have to 'live every dental visit like it was your last.'

Lynne 9:28 AM  

I absolutely LOVE getting my teeth cleaned. I just went on Friday. My hygienist gets in places I sometimes don't feel I'm getting too. But I also love the gum stimulation. Oh, I'm a little weird, I know. But hey, I've been going every 6 months since I can remember. But that sure doesn't mean I haven't had cavities. Good that you are not being controlled by fear anymore.

Cathy West 6:23 PM  

Your 'spa' day must have affected you more than you think as you seem to have disappeared...hahaha...I don't comment much but I check here every now and then.
Lynne, you're scaring me....



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