Wednesday, January 19, 2005

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Alyssa 1:00 PM  

great picture! I always love your pics! What kind of camera do you use?

Lee 1:53 PM  

thanks Alyssa...coming from the queen of great pictures that is a big compliment!
I have a Minolta HTSI 35mm SLR camera. It's great...but because I think the secret to great pictures is LOTS of pictures...developing gets pricey. dream camera...which I visited at Future shop this the Canon EOS 6.3MP Digital Rebel.
It's way out of my price range...but it is so nice! I would love to be able to play with more of the manual aspects but I mostly stick with automatic right now due to the cost of processing. I know I would feel just sick spending $$ on a bunch of horrible pictures for the sake of experimentation...
so for now, I can dream of my rebel and save my little pennies!

Anonymous 2:26 PM  

Hi Lee!
Gorgeous picture of the kids! They are so darn cute!
I was excited to read your new blog.... I am becoming addicted to this blog stuff (well reading them anyway! still don't have time to write my own!)
Anyways, I love the story about the dentist. Isn't it just sad that we get excited about sitting in the dentist chair! The life of being a mom!
Enjoy your time at Giselle's!

Alyssa 5:02 PM  

That is what I have , The rebel, and it is great! I love being able to snap away and not worry about using up film. I have one word four words for you BEST BUY ON CREDIT! I am considering upgrading with our tax return money since I am planning on starting my photography business, but $4000 is ALOT of monmey to spend on a camera so I go back and forth. The rebel takes great pics but Ben pointed out if I were to show up at a shoot with the same camera they can possibly own themselves it might look unprofessional. So I have to decide if I am ready to take the plunge. I think it puts too much pressure on me to be successful.

Anonymous 5:21 PM  

Oops, I forgot to sign my comment..... the anonomous comment was from me... Tannis!

Darlene 6:35 PM  

The picture is awesome! I am so blown away that I called the family in to the office to see it.

I think I will post my favourite photo of Maddy and Graham, but it is waaaay not that cool.

Lee 8:49 PM  

Alyssa - I don't think you would have to upgrade your camera right away. Especially with something like the rebel, you can do a lot more than the average amateur if you want to start getting into the manual side of things. Plus, what your clients will really want is your eye for detail and composition. They won't care what kind of camera you have. That said, you could get some killer zoom lenses and get some really good more camera talk...

Dar - you must post that picture - I think you are talking about the one you had in your office in your old place - am I right? I just love that pic - it should be shared with the blogging world!

Tannis - Welcome to my blog!!! Come back often - thanks for posting and you know it is so EASY to get your own blog...I didn't even have to ask Keith for help ;)
Just click on the "get your own Blog" button and follow the prompts. If you think reading the blogs is addicting, just wait until you start getting comments on your own! It's fun!

Lynne 7:52 AM  

That is a such a nice picture. Did you photoshop it to look like a painting? I love the green. Very soft. I am also a picture junky. I love portraits and taking pictures of my babies. I have a Pentax MZ-7 SLR with a 28-80 lense. I hear the Canon Rebel is the best digital out there for it's price. That's next on my wish list. Maybe we can buy two and get a better deal. Do you think they'd go for that?? :-)

Lynne 7:57 AM  

By the way, I am always looking for people who love to pamper themselves, manicures, pedicures, facials, massage. When I was working full time I made sure I treated myself to a manicure every once and a while. I used to go to Giselles but paying for parking is a bummer so I go to Illusions on MacLoed. They have great prices, great service and it's close. Pedicure $24.00 Drop me a line when your next Giselles appointment is. It's always fun to have someone to gab with.

Lee 9:46 AM  

Hi Lynne
Thanks! I did photoshop it - I upped the saturation so the greens are a little more vibrant and then I added an oil painting effect. I also have it unaltered, and in black and white...I love all of them! I definately want to get this one framed one day.
LOL - we should definately see if Future shop would give us a deal on 2 Rebels! :) (you know I bet they would...then again by the time I save that much the price will probably go down!)
I'd love to do a pedicure with you some time! I'm just going to Giselle's this time because I have a gift certificate (plus I live really close to Grant & Kenaston and I can go to to the new one there)
But I am always on the lookout for a good pedicure place - I had one for awhile, but one day I booked for my mom and me (she's from out of town) and when we went in...they had lost our booking...I was really bummed...I haven't been back since! $24 I could easily come up with tho - maybe this spring - a getting ready for sandals pedicure??


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