Wednesday, December 08, 2004

A Petty Pet Peeve

Yesterday was Keith's birthday. I meant to blog him a wonderful birthday message...but in the utter Chaos of the day I had to let something go.... We got to spoil him with presents in the morning before work - which is always fun! We had his parents over for pizza and cake in the evening and don't even ask about the time in between. Let's just say - too much to do, too little time and a little boy (not mine) going through a screaming phase. You know when you go to a rock concert and come out with your ears ringing, and they are not quite normal for a few days after that? Picture the concert minus the pot smell and beer swilling stanger beside you and that's a little picture of my day yesterday :)

I've discovered that I have a pet peeve. Well most of us do, I imagine, but here's the thing: My pet peeve is pettiness. The problem is, the pettiness that's peeving me off is my own.
The littlest things are getting under my skin these days: the way my brother always leaves hair in the sink and shower and all over the floor (I swear it is like having a pet in shedding season), the way everyone leaves their dirty dishes in the sink instead of just putting them in the dishwasher, the way there is never a pen in the pen holder at the computer when it seems every day I put one there.
I know - get over it! - right? (did I mention my other pet peeve - holding a grudge?) These things are driving me nuts, but it makes me even nuttier that I'm reacting to them in the first place. I'm sure the Lord is trying to teach me patience or tolerance or something...I wish I'd hurry up and learn it already.



Darlene 1:41 PM  

I hope I don't say the wrong thing to peeve you off! ha ha.

Michael leaves dishes all over the house, and that drives me crazy. The other night he left a full mug of coffee at my desk. I wasn't expecting it and when I turned my chair... whoosh!!! Coffee all over the place. I was ticked off.

Happy Birthday to Keith!! Pearl Harbour day. Today is Maddy's real birthday. It seems more like my birthday because my sister is taking all three little kids out for the evening!!!! Yahoooo!!!! I am going to party like it's 1999.

Alyssa 5:44 PM  

Happy belated birthday Kieth. how is life in the 30's? Lee I know what you mean about letting the little things in life crawl under your skin and make themselves at home there. Why is it then when God is trying to teach us something we choose to learn it the hard way. Good thing God isn't mean and chants "I told you so ! I told you so!"


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