Saturday, December 11, 2004

A Little Christmas Magic

It's always neat to see a little magic at Christmas. It's not the reason for the season, but there is nothing like seeing your little one's face light up when they receive a special treasure. We went to a Keith's annual family work Christmas party today. Every year they rent a place (this year it was a ranch), provide a lunch or supper, play place for the kids and Santa pays a visit with a special something for each child.
Well Dora has been asking Santa for a "blue baby." I'm not sure where the "blue" part came from but she has had her heart set on it. Well Santa called her name and she went right up to tell the big guy one more time, her little heart's desire. Wouldn't you know, he hands her a big red present...and inside is this gorgeous blue and white sailor doll! I'm just flabbergasted!
And of course she is thrilled.

and the magic continues....



Darlene 8:54 PM  

That is so sweet. Everytime I see a little miracle like that in my life, I say thank you God, you knew I wanted that!

Do you have any idea why she has been asking for a blue baby? Maybe she wanted a boy baby. Girl babies are pink you know.

Jay 9:06 PM  

Awww, see, Santa knows all.

Cinders 10:56 AM  

That is an awesome story - thanks for posting it. Reminds me of the year my daughter asked Santa for a pink bunny for Christmas. Try finding that in December! Lucky for Santa (read mom) I found a pink bunny ornament in the Hallmark line!

J.G.J 7:10 AM  

That scares me! Has he been stalking your family !!

Elaine 11:53 AM  

Now it is my turn . . . . where oh where oh where is Lee?

Darlene 12:15 PM  

I'm with Elaine on that question.


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