Friday, December 17, 2004

Calling the Creative Masses...

We are a one car family. In fact, we are a one tin can on wheels family. Our family car is a 1984 Pontiac 6000. For those of you that can’t add in your head, that makes our car 20 years old! Which in car talk, is an official antique. Now our car is not your typical antique quality, it is not the car that made my dad drool when we drove past it on the highway. Our car is a mix of rust bucket meets Duke’s of Hazard. It’s blue, with some rust “racing stripes” along the bottom. And the hood. And the trunk.
The headlights aren’t aligned properly so one points down to the right and the other straight on into traffic. Not only is this probably annoying to other drivers, but it actually isn’t all that conducive to night driving. We can see the shoulder of the road fairly well tho. :)
The drivers side door requires a little jiggle on the handle to open it from the outside. The passenger door doesn’t open at all from the inside…if you look closely you will notice that my right arm is slightly more muscular than my left. It’s from six years of rolling down my window to open my door from the outer handle.
The radio works periodically, but only on AM – there’s no FM, so it’s CJOB talk radio for the Howe family. And at any time during the program, the radio may cut out to a loud static…usually right when there is an interesting feature on.
The car is starting to make some interesting noises. This is not such a problem when the radio is working…but you really notice the screeching belts and thumping I don’t know what’s when it’s not!
Did I mention that if you open the trunk, you will enjoy a whiff of stale hay? The former owners were farmers and for some reason, found it necessary to cart around hay and straw in the trunk of the car….go figure…We have since discovered that hay is impossible to vacuum. So it stays.
I’m sure you are thinking that I am counting down the days and rolling all my pennies for a new vehicle. And maybe I should be. But there’s this part of me that just loves this car. And a strange part of me that takes pride in the years we have gotten out of it, and wants to see just how much longer we will be able to rattle around in it.
There are some positive attributes – our car has the most comfortable seats. No, they are not adjustable, but they are nice and cushy just the way they are. It has a great heater; we have put less than a thousand dollars into it each year, and we have no car payment. It may not be pretty…but it’s just right for us right now.
So, to honor our car, I thought I would name her. But I’m stumped – it requires just the right name – it should be age appropriate, respectful, etc. Betsy won’t do – I knew another car named Betsy once…and I didn’t like her. So, I’m opening this up to the internet masses – come on everyone – help me name my car….all suggestions will be considered.

Get out your thinking caps – I want to hear from you!



Alyssa 9:39 AM  

my hat goes off to anyone who would be seen in that car. Ben recently sold his car that sounded much like yours. We called it the ugly car and me or the kids would not ride in it. When we first moved to Hawaii it was the only car we had for a few weeks until are van got shipped out so we had to be seen in it. When we went to church I made Ben park two parking lots down the road. Dose this make me vain? for a name how about
Howe-this car still runnen?
HOWE there/HAY there!
Duke's gone bad

Darlene 1:49 PM  

I don't know if I am very creative, but I will give it a go...

First of all some good news and bad news about the car:

The good news is that the car is named after a famous chief in Ottawa (Chief Pontiac) who led a rebellion against the British.

The bad news is, the rebellion was unsuccessful.

Now for the name:

I think you should name her Nellie, because:


Elaine 9:58 PM  

give me some time . . . . I will think about it and post again . . . . *thinking*

Jay 3:56 PM  

That is too funny.
But you know, older cars last longer, they just don't make them like that anymore. If you bought a brand new car today, it would probably crap out on you before this one does.
I'm not a car fanatic, so I just think a car is something that gets you from point a to point b, and if it can do that, then it's a good car. My husband tells me that this is the worst car opinion he's ever heard, so maybe I'm not the one to ask.


Lee 9:16 PM  

I'm with you on this one Jay...but Keith would probably agree with your husband. Then again the I was raised that way - up until a couple years ago no one in my family had a car that was younger than the 80's. In the last little while my brother and my dad both "graduated" into the '90's....

Alyssa and Darlene....I'm stuck between Rusty and Nellie...I just love the Pontiac acronym....tough one...

Darlene 5:09 PM  

It's December 23rd now, and still no blog! Where are you?

I am not allowed to hassle Alyssa anymore, so I will hassle you.


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