Friday, December 10, 2004

Hiel Mamma!

Last night I sent the kids to their rooms for scrappin. When their time out was finished I called them to come sit on the stairs and have a little chat.
Me (in my firm Mommy voice): We are a Family. What does that mean?
Right away, Noah, eager to get back in my good graces, shot his hand up: "ooh ooh..."(long pause....) "It means we have to listen to the boss?"
me: "umm, right...well what else does it mean?" seems I run a dictatorship...!




Alyssa 9:57 AM  

Out of the mouthes of babes! Too funny. After reading the first line I when you said scrappin, I thought "what she makes her kids do their own scrapbooks?" I guess once a scrapbooker always a scrapbooker! sorry

Darlene 11:58 AM  

Doesn't it mean 'Ohanna', and ohanna means no one gets left behind?

I'm in Stitches.


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