Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Rubber Gumby Baby

Why is it that a snowsuit, boots and mittens can turn a child into a rubber mass that wiggles and jiggles? I was dressing our friend Matthew for the snow today and it went something like this:
me: "come here Matts, lets get you dressed up for the sled ride"
Matt looks unconcerned and uninterested. I pick him up and pull him onto my lap, pull his ski pants out of his bag and proceed to dress him in a slippery suit. This goes fairly smoothly until it's time for boots. I pick up a boot. I slide his foot into the boot. I push, he bends, I push, he bends, I push, well you get the idea. We try standing up - maybe gravity will do what we can't...no...because he holds his knee bent in the air! Agghh...ok...plan C. I lay Matthew on the floor and lift up his leg, grasping at the knee and pushing the boot with my other arm. I push, he bends, I push he bends, I say "Push Matt Push" so many times I feel like I'm on TLC's "A Baby Story." Finally, with an extra wiggle and push the boot is on. The next boot follows suit. There! One kid down, two to go! It must have been exhausting for Matthew since he lay on the floor like a limp noodle until I picked him up and carried him out the door.
Winter....gotta love it....maybe I'll move somewhere warm....I hear Hawaii is nice...
Shivers to all


Alyssa 12:05 PM  

Hawaii is nice, and of course you have a free slightly chaodic place to stay! Seriously you guys should come visit!!!ANd not like last time when Kieth came to Texas and did not even call!
Aloha Alyssa

Darlene 12:09 PM  

Well Lee, if daycare doesn't work out, you can always be a midwife!

That was seriously hillarious!!! You are an awesome story teller. Hey...I know a great publisher, so keep it up.


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