Monday, November 29, 2004

O Tannenbaum....

I put up the tree with the kids today. It went....well, I suppose. The other day in the car Keith was saying how I always have to have the perfect tree. Why is it that those we love don't always notice how we change over the years. I did like to have the perfect tree and I still love looking at a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. However, I have happily traded my perfect tree for the tree that my kids help to decorate. Now with that said, I think the way to do this is to get the tree up, the lights, beads, ribbons and garland on, and then let the kids have at it with the decorations. The tricky part is to not let them see it before that point or they will have lost interest by the time it is their turn. So the tree is now up, - it is mostly red and silver, reminiscent of previous perfect tree years but there is a conglomeration of felt, craft foam, paper and styrofoam which constitutes the kids offerings over the last couple years.
Now if only I can teach those darling daycare babies to look and not touch. As we were decorating the two little ones woke up. They are both around 20 months. Now I am torn, I really don't relish the thought of picking up the pieces of the tree two or three times a day for the next month. On the other hand these tactile little people go into everything so wholeheartedly that sometimes it seems a shame to stop them from exploring our world. So, two broken decorations later, we have put away the breakables for this year :)
I'm sure I will revisit this "touching" decision later. I'll let you know....


Darlene 2:48 PM  

You are a busy woman today! I can't believe you had the time to babysit, create a blog and put up a Christmas tree!

Your writing is great, keep it up.

You are under pressure now, because I linked to you from my site, so the traffic is gonna start flowing through, and everyone wants to know what Lee's thoughts are today...

Darlene 3:00 PM  

Hi Lee,

I was wondering if you and Keith could visit my blog? It's at I'm not sure when I'll find the time to actually start it but I'll be happy to link to keith when he does his.


Elaine 3:22 PM  

Funny Michael! ! I think Dan would appreciate a link to that site too!

Lee - Way to go! ! I am really going to enjoy reading your site too! Can I put a link to your site on my blog?

Lee 3:51 PM  

Wow...comments are so rewarding...this could get addicting...on to answering your burning questions...
- yes please link me up Elaine :)
- Darlene - I have no idea how I found the time to do all that today - maybe this blog will be a good grounder so I can see what I really do accomplish - it's easy to lose sight of that isn't it.
- Michael - I would be more than happy to read your blog one day when you are done being a blog snob ;)

love to all

Lynne 6:44 PM  

Michael's blog code does not appear to be working. Any thoughts on this? (you don't know me, I'm a friend of Elaine and getting to know Darlene):-)

Darlene 10:17 PM  

It's up and running now, you might want to check Michael's site out again at

Alyssa 10:32 PM  

Yeah! I am so glad I have another blog to read! They are so fun. Life just seems so much more interesting when you write it in a blog! Good for you! I know I have three kids, but I just have so much extra time on my hands! Ha ha!


Lee 11:36 AM  

Hi Lynne, Michael's blog is up now...I'm sure if we all give him tons of attention and comments he will want to blog more and more and maybe one day he'll be as cool as the rest of

Hi Alyssa! Welcome to my blog - I am thinking of you in warmville...!
green in Winterpeg...


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