Tuesday, November 30, 2004

My Baby Girl, Dora Posted by Hello


Alyssa 9:06 PM  

Well done! I told you you were computer savy!

Darlene 11:49 AM  

That is too cute.

You know what I noticed about you? You are a great photographer! You should make a book with their photos scanned in and little stories about them. Or just glue little stories in your scrapbooking.

Lee 12:37 PM  

Alyssa: I wish I could take credit...it was all Keith's doing...he's the computer guy, I'm just the hanger on! :)

Darlene: Thanks! I love taking pictures, especially of my favorite little subjects..oh I mean children. My motto is the more pictures you take the more great pictures you will have. We have about a million mediocre photos...and a few really special ones that make them all worth it!


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