Wednesday, December 01, 2004

My husband, the genius.

Last night I went out with some friends to Brushfire, which if you didn't already know, is a shop where you choose unfinished pottery, paint it and they fire it for you. I have been wanting to go for ages and the perfect opportunity came up for it: I was invited by my friend Sharon. (I love having friends who are great initiaters!)
Anyhow, $25 and a cool mug later, I wandered in the door at 9pm to find my husband hard at work at the computer. Well this is hardly extraordinary, he's not called a computer geek for nothing. The extraordinary thing was, I had mentioned to him that I wished I could link up my friend's blogs to mine, and have a counter like my cool friend Darlene. And post pictures. OK...I want Darlene's blog. He was all over it - I should have known that this would be a project he could sink his teeth into. As you can see, I now "have it all" as the saying goes. And he did the dishes And put the kids to bed before I got home! Thanks Keith! Oh, and just to make all my readers jealous, he can also put up towel bars... :)

So there is something about the month of December - I don't know if it's the last hurrah for the year, a time to make up for missed social events all year long or what but we are BUSY!!!! Just to give you a taste of my week:
Monday: Grocery shopping with the whole family at Superstore...really why does it take 2 hours to buy a families groceries for 2 weeks? We go with a list, we don't hit the "extra" aisles, it should be bing bang boom we're outta there. Yes, I could go alone...but that really wouldn't be any faster - since then in an effort to make this alone time a little extra enjoyable I would sneak through the clothing aisle...and the toy aisle...and the book aisle....and the housewares...don't even get me started in there....Plus, I need Keith to push the cart - those things are heavy! I almost always come home with a neck ache or back ache after a grocery shop.
Tuesday: Brushfire! well that was great fun and since I was home by nine I didn't have to pay the price of sleep deprivation this morning!
Wednesday: (tonight) I got a last minute call from Keith's mom saying that she has an extra ticket to MTC. "Night of the Iguana" or something like that...boy they are not giving any clues to the play's storyline with a title like that. I am excited - I love theatre!
Thursday: (tomorrow) Keith won tickets to the Moose Game!! And since Thursday's my brother Michael comes over, we have 2 built in uncle/babysitters for the night!
Friday: Bliss....I don't have to go anywhere....I will be ready for a night IN! Keith on the other hand will be serving at the Dinner Theatre at Church. Which I'm sure will be very cool.
Saturday: (evening) We are having a movie night for our friend's kids while they go to the church dinner theatre...I am looking forward to it - we are going to do popcorn and snacks and watch Christmas movies and have a great time.
Well I won't go on....tho I could...the rest of December is rapidly filling up. I am enjoying being the social butterfly...but I will probably spin myself a little cocoon in January and enjoy the solitude!



Darlene 1:13 PM  

Bizarre how we both listed our busy intinerys(where's a spell checker when you need one!)we must be on the same wavy blog link!

And our husbands must be on the same wave link too. Michael made me rice krispie squares last night when I was at play practice. Romance can be found in the strangest places can't it? We have gone from jewellry to rice krispee squares. But at least I can eat this gift and that's all that counts now a days.

Your site looks great! You look so much younger than 29.

Linda 1:37 PM  

Tis the season to be busy, tired, and broke. Love reading your Blog I have beeen reading Alyssa's and was glad to find out about yours Cant wait to see you at Christmas and catch up. {Zoey is so excited about getting to play with all her little cousins}

Elaine 8:05 PM  

Theatre is great! ! I never seem to get the chance to go, but I Love it too! Good for you getting 2 weeks groceries, another thing I can't seem to accomplish. We tend to just go to Safeway for what we want that night. Tacos? Okay, lets go to Safeway. We need to change that. . . maybe plan menu for 2 weeks and then shop. Do you do that? Plan a menu I mean? I think that is a great idea anyway. Now I am rambling on YOUR blog!

Great blog entry!

Lee 12:43 PM  

Hi Elaine - I do have a menu plan - I actually subscribed to one online for about six months, and I found it to be the most helpfull thing ever. I used menu mailer by Leanne Ely. Once a week I was emailed a menu plan including 6 meals and a shopping list for the entire week. Then I would add lunch items, add a couple family fav's to the list and voila! One menu usually lasted us about a week and a half with leftovers or our own substitutions. I don't subscribe anymore but I am still cycling through the menu's and I will probably join again - it was well worth it!

Linda - we are looking forward to Christmas too - It's always so neat to see how the kids are growing! Hugs to Zoey from her Winnipeg cousins!

Anonymous 12:45 PM  
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Lee 12:46 PM  

Darlene - thanks - I think it is the oil of olay that keeps me looking so young - honestly you are right - I don't look a day past 2 1/2 in that picture! ;)


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