Friday, January 15, 2010

A fostering update.

I've spoken with our social worker to find out what happens next in our fostering application. She is going to finish up her report and meet with us to sign off on it.
We will be recommended as foster parents but not approved to have children placed with us at the moment - the point of this is to be in the system so in the future we could just call if anything changed (daycare) and then begin having children placed in our home.
While this is not the outcome I had originally hoped for, it is at least not slamming the door closed as completely as we thought earlier this week.


Mrs. Bird 12:58 PM  

I'm happy to hear this! Good luck!

Sharla 7:44 AM  

This is good news. We were foster parents for eight years and it was an overall positive experience (though it had some very hard moments) and it brought us to the adoption of three of our children so well worth it. And it is an amazing ministry opportunity. I hope that you get to experience this in your future.

Each province is so different in their rules for fostering and in the way it works. In our province, having a dayhome wouldn't be a deal breaker as those kids go home at the end of each day. Also in our province, if you foster through a private agency, then the daily stipend ($) would more than cover the loss of your day home kids if you did choose to go that way.

I'm glad to hear that this door is not totally closed for you.

Catherine 6:25 PM  

This is great news. I don't think my husband could ever handle kids but its great to know that there are people like yourself out there.

Here's to the door of ministry being open for you.


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