Thursday, November 26, 2009

5 Months!

photo credit: Always 13

Well, here we are at 5 months since our dossier went to Ethiopia, and 16 months since we started the paperwork to get this adoption rolling. Timelines continue to increase and I think that my initial estimate of two years to referral (from the time we send our dossier) might be a bit conservative. Our agency is now telling families that it could be 36-48 months. It does not do my heart good to hear this but it's better to know, I guess.


Jenn Hildebrand 7:59 PM  
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Jenn Hildebrand 8:49 PM  

Hey guys,

Just wanted to send a note of encouragement to you on your wait. I know it's not easy and at times will drive you to the edge, but God WILL undertake and care for you! In our experience, God has used the really trying and difficult times to teach us some amazing things. While I would generally rather have skipped over those trials, in looking back, it is amazing how He uses them.

Hang in there. You already have 5 months under your belt! We are praying for a miracle - that the time lines would shorten dramatically; that your process would not hit any major road blocks; that you would be referred the perfect child for your family and that He will sustain you while you wait.

Your friends in waiting,

Jenn and Scott

(ps this is the comment that was deleted. It didn't show up as a comment, so I deleted it, then added it again)

Sheldon Dueck 11:00 AM  

now I'm going to lurk here too :)

Did not realize you had a blog. I'm hoping that we can both get the good news relatively close together and have our children spend time together... Of course, we need to get through this week first :)

Great to see you online.

Leanne 12:40 PM  

Thanks for the encouragement Jenn!
I can't wait to see you guys home with A. With R back from Ethiopia I'm hoping to hear that you have a court date booked soon!

Sheldon - welcome! I can't wait to see our kids playing together! I am (impatiently) waiting for great news from Imagine this week!

Sharla 4:36 PM  

Happy 5 Months! Every month closer is one to celebrate and know that God has the timing thing all figured out.

Chad, Laura and Sara 6:31 AM  

Congrats on 5 months. And thanks for stopping in to congratulate us too!! Gook luck in your journey.



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