Thursday, September 10, 2009

September challenge update

Well posts in September have been fact I think this is the first and we are a third of the way through the month. In spite of that, the September grocery challenge is alive and well at the Howe household - and here's how we're doing so far:
Total budget for September: $505 (Keith kicked in $5 extra)
Total spent so far: $59.82
So far I have been using cash - and I really like the accountability. Keith uses his debit card when he runs to the store for me.
We spent (K-debit) $3.12 on buns Sept 1
(K-debit) $12.93 on milk, cream, bananas and deodorant Sept 8
(L -cash) 43.77 on bananas milk, cream, oatmeal, sugar, brown sugar, 3 pkg pasta, frozen peas, 6lb pears, cheese, and 10lb potatoes.

It has been interesting to take a look at the flyers these past 2 weeks as it seems that ALL the meat sales are on - there have been SO many $1 and $2/lb sales! I just keep telling myself that these will all go on sale again another month. I will not be tempted. :)
We have also been blessed by a lot of our friends - my friend Tannis made us applesauce, and apple jelly which is delicious. May sent us 6 of her luscious tomatoes - I have not been able to grow tomatoes in our shady yard so I am looking forward to real tomatoes! :)
Also, we were away at family camp from the 4 - 7 - the meals were amazing - we were fed often and well - in fact we felt a bit like gluttons as we were eating the next meal/snack before we'd even had a chance to feel hungry.

Seeing our progress so far makes me wonder - could we stay under $200? How awesome would it be to write a cheque for $305 donation? Speaking of which, I still have not made a decision about where the grocery savings are going - there are so many amazing organizations and I am going to try and highlight a few of them in the next little while. If you have any that you love - let me know and I will check them out!



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