Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Parents of the year!

When Noah turned 9 a year ago, he got a skateboard for his birthday. And, a helmet and pads as the Howe's aren't known for their grace and athletic ability! :)
After a couple afternoons of carefully riding up and down the sidewalk from our house to the neighbor's the skateboard sat unused for months....and when we asked him if he wanted to ride it he wasn't interested at all - he said the skateboard wouldn't go straight and it was no good.
Of course, he's been watching the teenage boys across the street that ride every day and hop the curbs and do all their fancy little jumps - he just needs more practice, but he is now frustrated and refuses to even touch it.
Fast forward a year and I pull out the skateboard for my daycare boy to play with in the back yard. He is SO excited and has a great time zooming back and forth from the back door to the garage. Since no one is watching, I decide to give the skateboard a try - GUESS WHAT! It totally pulls to one side! Noah was right and we didn't listen to him or even try out the skateboard!

You should have seen the grin on his face when I told him last night - total validation! :) And he didn't even hold it against us.

In other bonehead news, yesterday I was making chili to top our baked potatoes. I was in a hurry and sprinkled the chili powder on liberally as I stirred and chopped and did about 4 things at once. As I sprinkled I thought...hmmm...that looks odd....turns out I grabbed the cinnamon so it was more like Jamaican Jerk Chili. (yes I still served it! and Noah had 3 or 4 helpings of it so it wasn't even a total flop tho I think I will leave it out next time I make chili!)


Keith 1:28 PM  

Lee.. what about the time our oldest son turned 10 and 3 months later we have his birthday party.... that should get us into parents of the year!!!

Jobina 6:39 AM  

oh, I took the title seriously, like you were patting yourself on the back for validating him! I obviously am a little slow this morning. Interesting chili recipe!


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