Tuesday, April 01, 2008

This morning I had 3 cavities filled at the dentist. He said the freezing would last a little over an hour. That was 8AM. It's 2 PM and I can finally feel my face again. It's such a weird feeling to be frozen - I don't really like it but I guess the alternative (no freezing) is much worse.

When I got home, the kids and I drove Keith to work so we could have the van for the day. I was hoping to visit my Grandma, but Will has a fever and I don't want to make her sick, especially since her immune system is compromised from all the meds she's on for her bone cancer.

Will was up 4 times last night, so maybe I'll grab a quick nap with him instead.


Ginger 8:07 PM  

When my Chloe had a cavity filled, we were told she would be numb for a few hours. THE NEXT MORNING, she looked normal again. Good grief, she looked funny for a good long while:


Ginger 8:08 PM  

It doesn't appear you have comments emailed to you, so search: "Chloe Numb Face" on my blog.


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