Monday, February 04, 2008

Menu Monday

Last week's pork tenderloin was AMAZING – I highly recommend it! It's going to become a regular around here (and next time I'll try not to burn my entire hand grabbing the hot handle of the frying pan after I take it out of the oven. But I'm still going to make it again -That's how good it was – burn worthy. ) Anyway – on to this week…I was starting to run out of ideas so the kids came up with some of the menu's this week.

  1. Jerk Roast Pork
  2. Scrambled Eggs, bacon, toast, fruit salad, blueberry muffins (Dora's birthday dinner!)
  3. Lasagna, Pioneer Woman's Buttery Thyme bread
  4. Shepherd's pie
  5. Split pea soup (compliments of my Sister in law's Christmas gift to us of dinner in a jar – I just have to dump this in the crockpot, add some water and a ham bone and we're good to go!)


This weekend was rough. Friday night Keith was out at a friend's house for the evening and Will got his first fever so I was up until about 1am. Finally got him to sleep and Dora came in around 3am – her foot hurt and she couldn't sleep. Normally she would just crawl in my bed for awhile but because Will was sick, I didn't want her too close. I told her to go try again. She (sadly) went back to her room and I heard her rustling around for awhile and then she ran downstairs. I thought maybe she went for a drink of water. I couldn't get up and check on her though because I really didn't want to wake Will. Around 3:30am Keith got home and I heard her scamper to the back door "HI DAD!" (He was a bit surprised! J) She had decided she was not tired, had dressed for the day and turned on all the lights on the main floor!

Soon after that, William woke again so I went down to find them on the couch watching cartoons. We stayed up until about 5 and then all headed back to bed for a few hours. I ended up staying home for the day on Saturday while Keith went to his work party. The kids had planned to go to Keith's parent's place while we were gone, so it was just Will and me. He was feeling better but still not 100%. Keith picked up the kids and brought them home around 11:30 – we all slept in and stayed home from church since Will was still kind of fussy. I was getting a bit of cabin fever tho so we headed to the community center to go tobogganing for about 45 minutes. It was a gorgeous day yesterday!

Will was really fussy the rest of the afternoon and we finally broke down and bought some Tylenol as I thought he must be in pain – I thought maybe he was getting an ear infection. About an hour later he had a gigantic poop (so maybe he was crampy?) then I popped him in the tub and he was much happier.








Jobina 9:11 AM  

I just checked out that Tenderloin recipe, does that ever look good! Did you really use apple cider, or id you substitute apple juice? I never buy apple cider, I wouldn't even know where to get it.

Lee 12:03 PM  

Hi Jobina - I used apple juice - I'm pretty sure the apple cider is in the juice aisle too, but I am very lucky to have my groceries delivered by Keith and he found the apple juice first! Worked perfectly. :)

Alyssa 7:48 PM  

I have been inspired by you and for the last two weeks I have been menu planning and loving it! Not to mention by doing this I have shaved $200/month on our grocery bill and I am not constantly throwing out fresh produce! I feel so Martha Stewart!


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