Friday, February 01, 2008


It's February! That means I made it through January! My motto for February is going to be…"one day at a time"…wait – wasn't that January's motto? Well, yes, but February is gearing up to be another busy month!

As it turns out, I did enjoy most of January – I am working on making meal planning a more conscious habit and we are reaping the rewards of that each evening. This past week was difficult with the extreme cold– I had a lot of help from neighbors and friends to get Dora to and from school and that was much appreciated. I don't mind bundling up but I worry about the little ones getting a touch of frostbite when it's below minus 30! (or -40!) We were getting a touch of cabin fever tho – I left the house for the first time this morning and it was GOOD to get out! I am feeling a little overwhelmed with my house right now – we just own so much stuff! It's time for a purge of some of the excess – I am tired of seeing clutter on every surface.

This morning I reminded Dora that her birthday is coming up and she would get to pick what's for dinner on Tuesday. Scrambled eggs! And Blueberry muffins! What a funny thing to pick – but it's her day! I think I will add some bacon, toast and maybe fruit salad and cheese and that could be pretty yummy. This is the first birthday in our family where we are scaling back – instead of a gift (STUFF!) Dora gets to pick an activity she would like to do with the family. I am feeling a little unprepared as I haven't had to rush out to the store and buy anything to wrap up. We will be planning a birthday party so she will probably get some gifts then. I am STILL working on the party favors but I hope to finish them soon and have a little reveal on the blog! (I'm quite excited about them actually!)




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