Friday, January 18, 2008

Plug for our carpenter friend Dan Franklin!

A long time ago, I promised to post pictures of our bathroom renovation, but never got around to it. But, this week, Dan asked if I could send him some pictures of it for his new website (which I will link to when he gets it up and running because he does AWESOME work and everyone should have some Franklin cabinetry in their home!) Just to give you an idea of how talented he is - I gave him a very rough sketch of what I wanted, and he put everything in the correct scale and built it from scratch!


Mark 10:53 AM  

Hey Lee, nice to see your posting regularly again! Wow, your cabinets look great, apparently Dan does good work. Is it a lot more expensive to get custom work done? How long did it take? Most impressive.

Lee 11:52 AM  

hi Mark,
Dan does a great job - he is good at the design side of things as well as the carpentry side.
Price wise - I have never had a project where I found anything off the shelf that would do the job the way custom work would. Perhaps I am particular that way. I don't think Dan was over priced at all - however, it was quite expensive to have the cabinets painted. (we got another set of cabinets made for Dora's room and I saved about $5-800 by painting them myself - they don't have that nice sprayed look but I don't mind a handpainted finish so I'm ok with that)
It didn't take him long at all to have the cabinets made and installed - the majority of our wait was to have his time free for our project. The whole bathroom itself took a few months but we did the demolition ourselves and had some of Keith's cousins help with framing and they came when they had free time so that took a little longer. Dan co-ordinated the granite guy, the tile guy and the plumber so that was painless for us. (and he did tell us, that it would have cost twice as much if we had gone through his employer, as opposed to him doing it privately for us.)
I think the bathroom cabinets were around $1200(not including the granite countertop.) - I would have to double check that - it was a couple years ago so the pricing is not fresh in my mind


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