Friday, January 06, 2006

That Outdoor Fresh Scent!!

“Oohhh! I love these!” Dora said, grabbing the used bounce sheet out of the hamper of clean laundry.
“Really?” I asked. “Well ok then, it’s all yours.”

I kind of shook my head but went back to folding the laundry.
A couple days later I was still folding laundry…wait, maybe I was just folding laundry again…and Noah walked in. His eyes lit up at the sight of the bounce sheet beside the folded laundry on the desk.

“Oohh! Can I have this for my room?” he asked. “It smells so good – and it’s already washed so it’s nice and soft!”
I couldn’t help it – I had to ask – “what exactly are you going to do with it?”
“I’m going to put them all over my room to make it smell nice!”

Sure enough, when I went into his room later there were a neat row of used bounce sheets carefully draped over the footboard of his bed.

Later, I typed in “used bounce sheets” in my Google search engine, curious to see if anyone else in internet land had a bounce sheet fetish. Wow! The results were amazing – you can use them for dusting, as a tack cloth before painting, as an ant deterrent in your cupboards, as insect repellent in summer (rub on exposed skin before going outside), cleaning stuck on food off dishes, removing nail polish….the list goes on and on.
Wow! Wait ‘till I tell the kids!


Darlene 12:54 PM  

I'm a bounce fanatic too. I used to put them in my underwear drawer for pretty smelling undies. I have also rubbed them on my hair to counteract the static cling in winter.


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