Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Holy Traffic Bruce Wayne!

The intersection by our house was unusually busy this morning when we were trying to cross on our way to school.
“Holy Traffic Batman”, I said as we waited to cross.
“Why do you say that?” Noah asked me after we crossed and were walking down the sidewalk.
“oh, it’s just a saying,” I replied,
“no,” he persists – “why not Bruce Wayne – that’s his real name.”
I couldn’t help it – I burst out laughing – “how do you know that? We haven’t watched Batman!”
“well it is his name mom, I just know.”

Sure enough, it is.
Holy Traffic Bruce Wayne. It has a nice ring to it, no?


Colleen Salter 8:56 AM  

He just knows. :) That's a good one. They sure do keep you on your toes.

tess 3:15 AM  


many thanks for your comment on the blog, and i love your family and the pictures. it is photos like yours that really capture what i love best about canada and the people there.

and on the topic of 80's music...thank you for showing me some respect...(oh baby please, give a little respect, to me!)

stop by again, i know i will.
all best & kung hei fat choy!

Darlene 7:34 AM  

So that's what boys his age discuss...That's too cute.

Ron 10:28 AM  

But Robin couldn't say "Holy Traffic Bruce Wayne" when they were in costume -- that would give away Batman's secret identity.

Wait, were you in costume during this story?


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