Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Supermom Saves the Day

Last Thursday, Keith and I went down to the passport office. Although it’s not mandatory yet, I think it will be quicker and easier to have a passport for crossing the border on our upcoming trip.
Since it’s not everyday that Keith takes the morning off work, I was enjoying this extra time. Dora was enjoying it too – it’s not everyday she gets to spend time with both of us without her big brother! Before we knew it we were back in the car and on our way home, when Dora piped up: ‘Mom –where’s my tabor?’
Keith and I froze for a second, glancing at each other for affirmation – do you know what a tabor is? No, me neither. Crap. Crap crap crap.
My blood pressure rose as I realized that we were minutes away from a sobbing, sulking, misunderstood and frustrated little girl (who holds a grudge) if we couldn’t figure out what the Tabor was.
First line of defense: pretend you didn’t hear her…. “what was that Dorie??”
Her:“Where Is My TABOR?”
Me: “OH…your Tabor….right…ummm, I don’t know – where did you last have it?”
Her: silence followed by a loud sigh from her nose…
Me: “What color is your Tabor honey?”
Her: “my tabor…it’s my tabor”
Me: “right, where did you get your tabor?”
Her: “from Ryan”
Finally! A clue! We were at Ryan’s birthday party on the weekend – must be something from her grab bag. What rhymes with tabor….let’s see, there was candy, lip gloss, a little notebook, bubbles, a clapper…A Clapper??
Me: “do you mean your clapper?
Her: “YAH, yah my Tabor!”
A Clapper! Yes!
Keith: “wow…good one!”
Another narrow escape for Supermom. We breathe a sigh of relief as we drive on, tantrum averted until next time.


Alyssa 11:57 AM  

that is too cute. Add Sherlock Holmes to your list of motherly careers!

Colleen Salter 2:22 PM  

Great save on figuring out what she wanted!! The things that only a mother can do, you are a supermom for sure!!


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