Monday, April 25, 2005

It's been awhile!

Really, I've been here all along...I wrote dozens of blogs in my head but with the early spring weather we were having my days were taken up outside!
The last month has been so busy - good busy for the most part.
We had Noah's birthday on March 20 - my boy is SEVEN! (7) We had a chaotic home party with 8 of his friends - my neighbor 2 doors down said they could hear us from their place...did I mention that it was an indoor party? was loud.
The following weekend we went off to the Brandon Fair with our good friend Dave and Brenda. We had a blast and our city kids got to get up close with all kinds of livestock and farm animals. It was great! This year our family stayed overnight in Brandon and the kids had a great time at the hotel pool and waterslide.
Now for the big news....I am going on my honeymoon! After almost 8 years and 2 kids, Keith and I are finally going to have a trip of our very own! Keith is going to the microsoft conference in Orlando Florida in June and I am going to fly out and join him on a thursday at the end of the conference. We'll spend the weekend at Universal and Disney and fly home on the monday.
I am SO looking forward to this! I just hope I don't spend the majority of the time missing the kids and thinking of how much they would have loved this and that along the way. The truth is that we couldn't afford to take them, I think Dora is too young for Disney, and Keith and I need the time together without any interruptions! I'm sure that won't stop me from missing them though!
So plans and preps are in the works - the kids are thrilled about spending 4 whole nights with Grandma and Grandpa, we am busy getting my passport and our will done before we go and of course planning our itinerary!
Well that should catch you up for now! Don't miss the spring pic's posted below!


Lee 12:50 PM  

DOH! I purposely posted the pic's first so my actual blog entry would come out on don't check out the pic's below...try the ones above instead.

Colleen Salter 1:49 PM  

That is so great that you guys are going on your honeymoon!! It sounds like you guys will have a great time. I find it hard to believe that it's been seven years. Crazy. Can't wait to hear how it went.

Alyssa 3:33 PM  

Here comes baby number three!!!!You guys will have a blast! You will miss the kids for the first 5 minutes but then will be "kids, what kids?" You will however be so excited to get back and hug on them again. It is so good for you to get away alone, although you should go to Hawaii instead of Disney!

Darlene 3:11 PM  

The pictures are awesome, and so clear. You are lucky because that honeymoon sounds great. We've never had a honeymoon either.

I see that you are blogging this week like me, the snow will do that to us!


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