Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Whew....let me catch my breath!

wow...it has been busy around the Howe house! We had a great birthday party for Dora on Saturday. She had 7 little friends over and of course their parents came too...which meant that Keith and I had a great time at her party since there were some grown ups to visit with!
So the dollhouse/bookshelf was a big hit - we had covered it with a blanket and when she uncovered it she exclaimed "oh - my new shelf" like she had been waiting her whole life for it!
We also got her some polly pocket stuff. And she got completely spoiled at her party - she got some crafty stuff like finger paint and playdough so we have been really enjoying that. And she got a ton of really fun girly toys which are also right up her ally!
Saturday night we had Keith's work Award banquet. It's a semi formal event so we both needed something to wear...and since we like to leave things to the last minute, we saved a couple hours between the birthday party and the banquet to shop for the perfect outfits. LOL - ladies, you know what it's like trying to find a dress on a limited budget and time frame...but I am happy to report that we did it! We went to Winners and we both found our outfits, tried them on and were outta there within an hour!!!
The banquet was fun - Keith works for a really incredible company that treats it's employees like family so it's fun to go to their events. And Keith got an award for his outstanding work this year - a gift certificate to a restaurant of his choice....so I will have a date in the near future! :) YAY! Yummy expensive dinners are not so much the norm around here...we are more the McD's or Little Caesar's type so it will be fun to go out somewhere nice.
Well now you are all caught up on my weekend...!
Oh by the way - I am reading "Mr Popper's Penguin's" to Noah and Dora and if you haven't read it - it is worth checking out. It really should have more recognition as a children's classic - we have been laughing out loud as we read it and Noah, the unenthusiastic reader is begging for more.


Alyssa 10:25 PM  

Sounds like a fun weekend! Outfits in an hour that is pretty amazing. I don't know if I could beat that time, and I am a shopping proffessional. Oh yeah not proffessional more like aholic!

Anonymous 10:37 PM  
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Lee 7:21 AM  

Hi Alyssa - I know - I couldn't believe we both found something in only an hour and with the kids tagging along! pretty amazing. You can keep the shopping queen title tho - I didn't find any 1.99 deals!

Linda 7:32 AM  

Dora is so adorable, I cant believe that she is three already Zoey saw the picture of her and "cant wait be meet my new best cousin" in her words. We both loved the dollhouse/bookself Dora will sure have fun with it.

Lee 7:35 AM  

Hi Linda! Thanks! I know - I can't believe she is three either! I keep looking at her and thinking that her babyhood is really all gone now....she is so tall and slim and little girlish.
We can't wait to see Zoey in May! And thanks for the birthday e-card - Dora watched it over and over and over!!

Anonymous 11:59 AM  

It is me...Tracie...(anonymous just seems well...so anonymous and stalkerish) I wanted to let you know that Katie Rose and I had a great time and Dora's party! I too thought it was great that their were other adults there! Love you blog and look forward to reading each one. I am actually bit of a addicted blog checker and find myself looking everyday to see if a new one has been published. Talk to you soon!

Darlene 2:52 PM  

I love the dollhouse, it's amazing. I hope she had a good birthday. Nathaniel is such an amazing good boy now that he is 3 1/4.


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