Tuesday, February 01, 2005


I loved dolls when I was a kid. Dolls and books - my two favorite things. As a kid with an active imagination, I loved the book series "The Littles" - remember them? The pint size family that lived in the studs between the walls of a home...kind of like miniature people but with mouse tails? I didn't have a dollhouse but I used to collect cardboard boxes and make all kinds of homes and rooms in case the Littles came to my house to stay. I figured hey, I can make this nice and homey for them..so I would cut out little fabric scraps and spend hours coloring and decorating these elaborate cardboard shacks. It must have driven my mom nuts because I have many memories of her shaking her head at the little pack rat she was raising.
I was reminded of this as I am raising my own daughter - Dora is turning 3 on Saturday. We are getting her a doll house/bookshelf for her birthday - in fact it's downstairs in the laundry room now since I've been busily painting it every night this week. A friend of ours made it for us and it is incredible - I would have loved this when I was a kid! I hope she likes it...I will post a picture soon.



Alyssa 11:14 AM  

that is so cool! It is funny how we live vicariously through our kids. We bought Camryn a doll house for her third Christmas. I think I play with it more then they do, and I get upset when they mess up all the rooms that I have creativly arranged. When am I going to leave my kids alone and let them be kids????

Darlene 12:13 PM  

I loved the littles!! I remember them when I was a kid. I got it so goofed up that I bought Stewart Little and read it with Brendan and I thought, I remember it being so much better when I was a kid and more little people. I love the picture of the bed with the pencils as bed posts.

Now that I have it cleared up, I am buying The Littles book, Maddy would love it.

Doesn't Alyssa have the littles running in her attic?

Lynne 8:24 AM  

A doll house. How awesome. My husband loves carpentry and has built most of our furniture. He is also in the process of building a dollhouse as well large-scale with authentic dutch features. It should prove to be challenging. Post a picture as soon as you can. I'd love to see it. If I had a girl, that would be first on my list as well.

Nettie 11:06 PM  

Are you still a pack rat?

Elaine 6:05 PM  

A dollhouse! Thats terrific! I just love dollhouses. My father-in-law built a barbie doll house for one of the grandchildren. It was fabulous. It had a drawer on the bottom to store all the stuff in. It was just great, large, but great! I just might be able to get it for a few years until Dan's nieces want it back again.

Lynne 1:25 PM  

Hey, Lee where are you these days?

Linda 2:08 PM  

must have been a great party Dora must have been so surprized cant wait to see the pictures...... Hint Hint


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