Friday, January 21, 2005

A Surprise....

The other day, the phone rang. It was future shop and they wanted to talk to Keith. This was no big shock since Keith orders stuff all the time for home or work. Usually he has everything shipped to work tho, so when I gave him the message he just kind of shrugged it off.
Then, yesterday, the doorbell rang. It was the Purolator guy delivering two big boxes. I signed and msn'd Keith to ask him what he ordered. He says "Ummm...I can't remember, can you check for me?" Well at this point, I know something is up...I opened the first box to reveal a new CANON REBEL!!!!! I must admit I jumped up and down and did the happy dance. :) In the other box was the accessory kit with battery pack, extra battery and software. WOW - this camera is just incredible. (and my hubby's not bad either) And the best part is, I've already been able to play with some of the manual modes - it has an info button so when you preview the screen you can see and compare all the details you chose...I am going to have so much fun learning with this! And, I can still point and shoot in the meantime :)
Keith says "I figured you only live once."
Thanks Keith!!
Lynne, if you want to come and play with it, let me know....we can have a camera date ;)



Anonymous 12:46 PM  

aahhhh! that is so sweet.... way to go Keith!
Aren't surprises wonderful? Especially from our husbands! Have lots of fun with your new toy Lee!

Darlene 12:59 PM  

Awesome! I don't think that men realize just how much women love surprises. Keith really gets big points this time.

Alyssa 12:59 PM  

wow! Congradulations on your new baby!!! Kieth definatly gets bonus points for this one. Apparently he is better at keeping a secret then I am as well! Have fun with your new toy! I have had mine for almost two years and I still have not messed with the manual stuff so you are already ahead of me.

Lynne 7:15 AM  

Well Lee, my husband hasn't surprised me yet!!?? That is awesome. I can't believe it. Did he get a better deal than you thought? I'd love to have a camera-meet. Maybe we can arrange a coffee to go with it. Darlene is trying to arrange a movie night sometime, you should come with us and then we can meet each other. Have a great time with the cam and make sure you teach me all you know. :-)


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