Monday, January 31, 2005


Have you heard the news? Someone's getting married. Someone's having a baby...

Guess who it is....


Alyssa 2:47 PM  

I know the married one (by the way can you email me her email adress if you have it) Is the pregnant one Lyoin?(sp) because if it is then I am all caught up!

Lee 3:23 PM  

Well if you are talking about Colleen and Llowyen (spelled wrong - sorry) then NOPE....guess again!

Alyssa 4:00 PM  

ok so there is a marriage and a pregnancy beyond those two?? Is it one person pregnant and getting married? I have no clue if it is not those two. Please tell, you know I hate being in suspense.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Lee 4:11 PM  

I heard the news yesterday...We are not usually "in the loop" but we happened to be in the right place at the right time and heard the news straight from the horses' mouth.
And yes - it is one person getting married and having a baby!

Alyssa 4:14 PM  

ha ha I just talked to my dad. You were stringy me along to long. I need answers fast! I know my dad is usually in the loop so I bypassed you and went to another source! ALANA! and can I add WOW!

Linda 5:03 PM  

more details when is the wedding when is she due???????????
You cant leave us hanging

Lee 5:05 PM  

LOL!!! Alyssa, You are hilarious! You really can't wait can you?! Well let it be known that I didn't "officially" spill the beans!
Great news tho eh!? They are thinking of a May wedding and I believe August for the baby but don't hold me to the dates.
CONGRATS Alana and Dean!

Anonymous 7:44 AM  

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