Thursday, January 20, 2005

Forgetful Jones

I've been noticing an alarming trend in my life lately.
Things that I used to just remember to do, I now have to write down on my calendar to remind myself. If I don't bring a list to the store, I walk aimlessly with no direction and no idea what to put in my cart.
If I don' t write a reminder on my calendar to write my Grandma a letter...Grams doesn't get her monthly card.
I have even gone so far as to write monthly prayer requests, and reminders to email old friends once a month on the top of each calendar page.
The question it the end of my twenties that brings on this loss of memory? Or, is it the onset of more maturity that makes me aware of the importance of these things?




Lynne 8:09 AM  

I'm a list girl myself. There is nothing wrong with lists. Having kids could have something to do with it according to Darlene. Hey, I watched AI last night. It was pretty funny.

Darlene 1:18 PM  

I watched AI last night too. I laughed so hard, I sounded like a woman in labour. I actually scream my head off when I watch that show. I love watching with Brendan, he is a laugher too.

Lynne's right, I do think that it's from having kids but I wonder if it is actually the birth that sucks the brain out of us, or keeping track of everybody's schedule ~ five and a half in my case. I only count Michael as a half because I only need to remind him half of the time.


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