Monday, November 09, 2009

Sunday Morning

Can't believe this is NOVEMBER - and we're out without jackets!! YAY


Jobina 3:58 PM  

Trinity's birthday is on the 16th...the year she was born I was walking around in just a long sleeved shirt and jeans. It was SO beautiful. Of course, the next year there was such a bad snow storm that no one made it to her party!
Did I miss you on Sunday? How are you feeling?

Leanne 4:23 PM  

My Birthday is the 20th! But I can't remember being out without a jacket (then again I'm usually the person wearing 4 or 5 layers - I must have really bad circulation!)

I'm doing ok but William is having a very rough time. Keith is now on the way home and should arrive sometime tomorrow afternoon or evening...but then he will need to sleep after the 20 hr drive. My cold is bothering me off and on - currently off thanks to Tylenol! :)

Deborah 12:30 PM  

Love the photo!
My son was out playing road hockey in barefeet the other day...November in Manitoba...ver strange!
I've reopened my starfish blog.


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