Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lazy Granola

Well, I have a granola recipe but when I came across this one I had to give it a try. Putting "lazy" in front of any recipe always gets my attention. :)
This is a super simple recipe for granola purists who don't want a lot of additions in their oats. It's quite yummy - when I make it again, I will definitely grease the pan - I had flying granola bits all over the kitchen trying to scrape the stuck bits off the pan. Also I might add some nuts or grind up some flax seed to sprinkle into the mix. If you are going to add any dried fruits (our favorite is dates) you'll want to do that in the morning after cooking as they tend to get a little burnt tasting if you bake them - at least the ones on top.
Here is the recipe. I'm linking since I haven't asked permission to post the recipe. And also because Amy's blog is great and you might want to add it to your blog list! :)


Jobina 4:38 PM  

mmm, that looks good! I'm all for anything lazy too, especially these days. I'm gonna make some tonight in my new oven!

Amy @ Finer Things 7:20 PM  

Aw, you are too sweet. Thanks so much for the link! :) Amy

Lee 7:23 PM  

The verdict is in - this is a raging success! Noah had 3 helpings today, Dora (not a granola fan) likes it too so it is a new family favorite!

Christianna 12:06 PM  

Thanks for the link! I will definitely be trying this!

Lee 12:10 PM  

Christianna - my kids have already burned through a batch - I am going to have to make it again this week sometime.


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