Thursday, July 16, 2009

August - buy nothing challenge.

Buy Nothing Challenge - August 2009

Crunchy Chicken has a buy nothing challenge up for August. I'm in. Anyone want to join me?


Keith 8:17 AM  

All I can think of is Mark's post on making sure both sides are absolutely on board ;)


Ok, I feel better now.
(can I purchase Wii Resort and Wii motion before August honey?)

Lee 9:01 AM  

hahaha - don't be silly - I'm not suggesting you join unless you want to. But, I am implementing it for myself.
And if you think you should buy the wii stuff, I won't stand in your way. :)

Jobina 7:53 PM  

it might be a little hard for us for August because of new stuff that we'll need, but I was saying to Mark that I need to implement this when I'm in Superstore or when I run to "the store" for something and usually come out with a few bags. So, yes I'd like to do it...but modified for us! :o)

Lee 6:39 AM  

Awesome Jobina - and I think a modified challenge is definately in order in your case!
I hope you'll let me know if you want to have a painting day/evening or need any help at your place - or even a place for your kids to spend a day so you can do some really focused work.


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