Friday, January 18, 2008

This morning I noticed a really big white van outside our neighbor's house. Just as I was saying to the kids - "wow - look at the big van outside" my uncle climbed out of it! He is installing some carpet for the neighbor's addition (you can't tell in the pic, but they put on a huge two story addition in the back)
So the daycare kids and I made cookies and had company over for coffee. Nice change of pace for a friday morning!

Here are the two pearly white culprits that have been keeping us up at night! One of them is just poking through today, and the other should break through any minute!


Jobina 9:51 AM  

Love your dishes! Those are so bright and sunny! I love having people drop by for coffee, I have a friend of mine who will periodically call me up and say, "Hey Jobina, can my three kids and I (6 and younger) come over for supper?" I love it! Nice pearly whites and again, I LOVE your bathroom! Excellent plug for Dan's work!

Kolin 4:40 AM  
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