Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Meanest mom EVER

Over the Christmas break we bought Noah a new jacket and ski pants and two pairs of (identical) gloves. Exactly one week later, he lost one of the gloves in the neighbor's front yard. A search of the yard (with shovels) has not revealed the lost mitten. Now the purpose of buying these two pairs of identical warm gloves, which were not cheap, was to ensure he was warm on the upcoming father-son camp weekend. He will have to make do with one pair, and an extra pair of liners.

To encourage a little more responsible behavior, (and to be honest, to relieve my own exasperation) I told him there would be some consequences for his carelessness. I would transfer $20 from his bank account to mine to pay for the gloves. If he finds the glove, and makes it through the rest of the season without losing another one, he'll be reimbursed. If not, well, at least I'm not out the $20.

I may have been up for meanest mom ever....but I think this mama wins out. She's my hero.


Jobina 7:24 AM  

That Mom is AWESOME!! What a wonderful cause and effect type lesson for her son! I really liked your glove thing too, it gives him an opportunity to get the money back but still makes the consequence immediate. Way to go!


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