Saturday, April 28, 2007


William Harris Howe April 26, 2007 9:20pm 8lbs 13oz 21.5 inches Born into Mommy's hands after a 2 hour labor...I beat the midwives!


Jobina 5:49 PM  

Congratulations to all the Howes! We were so excited to hear the news in church this morning, but it was nothing compared to seeing his beautiful face! What a doll!

Colleen Salter 6:06 PM  

Congratulations on the new baby boy!! How wonderful it is to see more in the family!! Way to go on the delivery. You are so brave to have done that on your own. I would have been dialing 911. Was anyone there with you. I can't wait for the update. Love you guys.

Bryce 6:49 AM  

Congratulations...we are so excited for you. We miss you guys and are praying for you.

Linda 10:46 AM  

Congratulations to You All William is so Adorable
Cant wait to see a new family picture
Looking forward to seeing you all in Sept
Love Phil, Linda & Zoey

tannis 11:04 AM  

Congratulations from the Bourgeois' He's beautiful. Can't wait to meet him.

Kendra 12:05 PM  

Congratulations Lee and Keith!! He's beautiful. I bet the kids are excited. Enjoy

Lynne 12:04 PM  

Also a huge congratulations to you and your beautiful baby boy! How adorable. You must be so relieved to have the pregnancy over and your little one in your arms. 2 hours is a great labor time. I pray that you will have the needed strength to handle those tough 6 months ahead of you until "little johnny" gets into a sort of schedule. I know. I'm just over that hump and boy I was ready for it. Alyssa is only now beginning to sleep 2 - 3 hours nap in the morning. I'm so happy about that.

Lynne 12:06 PM  

Hey wait! Do tell us more about your labor and how you did it all without the help of your midwives. Do tell. Do tell!

Debbie Hemphill 7:27 PM  

Oh Lee he's beautiful! Congratulations!!

Anonymous 3:54 PM  

Kinda slow here...but
congrats!!!! He is beautiful.
And yes Lee your are a brave mom.
Should be very proud of yourself
Can't wait to see you all
Love Aunt Agnes


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