Friday, December 08, 2006

Updates...or no news is no news...

Well I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed going where kids can’t go! This was my first fondue and it was awesome! We had a great time but came home reeking of oil.

The kids watched 2 movies at Keith parents which they thought was great since they aren’t allowed tv during the week at home.

We are keeping my niece for the weekend – she’s two and I am loving being an auntie! We always have lots of fun with her. We are also heading out to a birthday party, hopefully picking up some dress pants for Keith and maybe finishing our Christmas shopping. So far I haven’t gotten anything for Keith…Just about done with everyone else tho – but you know there are always those little extras that you remember at the last minute.

As for Christmas plans – we are staying here for the holidays – we’re planning on being at the Grunthal gathering on Christmas and then at Keith’s parents for boxing day. Then my brother and his wife are coming in from Alberta and staying with us over New Years – 2 more nieces that I haven’t met and can’t wait to get my hands on!

Well there’s my somewhat boring update – Ciao!



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