Thursday, December 07, 2006

Have Fun Going Where Kid's Can't Go....

When I went to pick up Dora at Nursery today, one of the dad’s said to me: “Have fun going where kid’s can’t go!”

What!!?? Apparently he was the classroom volunteer today and Dora was full tales about how her mom and dad are going out tonight where kids can’t go. They have to go to Grandma and Grandpa’s instead.

To clear things up – we are not out for a night at the pub (tho it is Keith’s 33’d birthday today – and what better way to celebrate being halfway through my pregnancy…JK!). We are going to the Rogers for dinner – grown up’s only! The kids were a little ripped when they found out they weren’t invited but Grandma and Grandpa’s is a pretty good consolation prize.


Colleen Salter 2:17 PM  

Happy Birthday Keith!! Geoff's brother Glenn has his birthday today too and he turned 17. Oh to be young again. Have a great time going where kids can't go.

Anonymous 10:06 PM  

"Going where kids can't go".... That's hilarious!
Happy Birthday Keith, 33! You're just a baby!
Love Tannis


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